About us


since 2016

JMA Forum aims at building a strong Association for Jewellery Machinery & Allied Industry and would work towards the betterment and development for them.

We existed. We did know each other. There was no umbrella to protect us. We all worked the way we thought was right and this business attitude was well understood by by all and therefore whenever there was an issue to be addressed or a matter to be redressed, we did not have a clear way to go forward.

It was in the year 2016 we all decided that it was the right time to be together. We wanted our voices to be heard. Our grievances to be addressed. Our representations to be noticed. Our performances to be seen, understood and measured. Our collective thought processes began to work in a direction for unity wanting to be recognized by all in the Industry . We set ourselves individual and collective goals in areas which we thought was hitherto missing. With these logical reasonings our effort for unity manifested into the formation of JEWELLERY MACHINERY AND ACCESSORIES FORUM in short called the JMA.

This ‘unity’ under an ‘umbrella’ with an’ identity’ focused on the needed areas so that we could boldly represent ourselves under a strong banner to protect and project ourselves. We won. We got recognition. . Every bit of news concerning our Industry was well intimated and articulated for representation to the various ‘Organisers’ so that,today with a membership of over 85, and steadily more joining in, we are duly recognized not only in the Jewellery industry in India but also abroad.

Currently, our Industry Member stalwarts which represents everything from manufacturing to trading can offer A to Z what the Jewellery Industry demands. New innovations, new technologies are constantly upgraded to help the Jewellery Industry.
JMA’s newly elected Core Committee Members has set goal a notch higher . To participate in pan India well known trade exhibitions. Widen its Memberships. Be the Jewellery Industry’s ‘ eyes’ and ‘ ears’ to address and redress issues concerning the trade and production through the latest evolving techniques available worldwide to improve this industry and to be on par with world standards to make our country INDIA proud.


  • To economize the cost of participating in such exhibitions by negotiating block booking with different organizers.
  • To try and hold exhibitions in the new cities and area to promote the industry.
  • To organize and participate in overseas delegations.
  • Exposure to local machinery manufacturers in International markets.
  • Representation of Machinery section with organizations such as GJEPC and similar bodies.

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